Nessa Art

My name is Neža but my art name is Nessa because the letter ž is only slovenian and it might be confusing for some people. I am 28-year old painter from Slovenia. 

I am a self-taught artist and I am still learning every day. My favorite colors are oil paints, I also use acrylic and watercolor paints. My specialty is creating big wall paintings and murals, so far I have painted over 20 walls in various business buildings, shops and apartments (Vila Teslova). 

My favorite painting motive is nature, by that I mean all types of landscapes,sky, clouds, cityscapes, animals, food etc. So I could say that I paint everything except portraits. No special reason, just as a partially introvert I don't enjoy people so much My favorite time is spent in my studio room listening to good music and accompanied by my two cats.