Nessa Art

My name is Neža but my art name is Nessa because the letter ž is only slovenian and it might be confusing for some people. I am 28-year old painter from Slovenia. 

I am a self-taught artist and I am still learning every day. My favorite colors are oil paints, I also use acrylic and watercolor paints. My specialty is creating big wall paintings and murals, so far I have painted over 20 walls in various business buildings, shops and apartments (Vila Teslova). 

My favorite painting motive is nature, by that I mean all types of landscapes,sky, clouds, cityscapes, animals, food etc. So I could say that I paint everything except portraits. No special reason, just as a partially introvert I don't enjoy people so much My favorite time is spent in my studio room listening to good music and accompanied by my two cats. 

Slikanja sem se naučila sama in se ga še vedno učim. Uživam v odkrivanju novih tehnik slikanja, v mešanju živih barvnih odtenkov in iskanju idej za nova dela. Proces slikanja je zame zelo miren in sproščujoč saj sem človek bolj introvertirane narave. Najraje ustvarjam sama s poslušanjem glasbe in v družbi mojih mačk.